Scar & Burn Camouflage

A trade-off for some plastic and cosmetic surgeries unfortunately are scars.  A tummy tuck, facelift and/or breast lift often leave scars and medical tattooing can be used to help camouflage small to medium sized scars and burns on the face and body, providing that the scar is light in colour, mature (at least 6 months old) and is not overly large. Custom-blended flesh tone pigments are skillfully applied to the scar area to blend in with the surrounding skin, helping to make the scars less noticeable.

What the clients are saying ...

testimonial Taiyaba was amazing! 5 star review for her excellent shaping skills. She was very helpful, especially for someone like me who didn't know what kind of shape I needed, we talked and worked it out and the end result was amazing. Highly recommended!
testimonial My follow up appointment is complete and I am so happy with the final results of my micro blading! Taiyaba is amazing in every way! Her personal demeanor makes her so easy to talk to and discuss your desired results. Her shaping skills are impeccable! She carries out the procedure with patience and accuracy which is why I am so happy I choose Soft Touch Studios for permanent makeup. Highly, highly, highly recommend!
testimonial Wow, I'm so glad that I found Taiyaba through social media. She was very receptive to the comments I had in regards to shape, size and style that I was looking for.
She took the time to draw out a stencil outline and adjust the shape until I was satisfied. She was also able to coverup previous work that I had had done and had not been happy with in past. Her technique of micro blading is also so much more natural looking then some permanent makeup that uses a needle/pen. The whole time she mad me feel very at ease and confident with her skills.
My eyebrows have not yet healed, but already I am so happy with her work. For her this is an art and in my opinion she is the best around! I highly recommend her to anyone thinking about getting this done! Do it! She knows her stuff and it is such a confidence boost when you look in the mirror. My skin is also now clearing up from not using brow makeup everyday too!
Positive experience for me in every way! 5 starts +++++